What is Real Women Eat all About?

It’s time to start lovin’ whatcha mama gave ya

Guess what, you are the expert on YOU. I have learnt to listen to my body, and I want for you to listen to yours – this is where the wisdom lies. Weighing, measuring, counting calories or macros are all outdated thinking – been there, ditched that and so should you. Being happy, healthy and free of guilt is attainable. But first you have to let go of what you think you know about dieting and reconnect with your innate intuition. I’ll show you how.


Are your food choices, health and happiness ruled by your emotions? How many times have you thought or said, ‘I know what to eat, I just can’t stick to it’ and continued to overeat or eat foods that you know are less than what your body deserves? That’s because highly restrictive diets – the white-knuckle kind – are counter-intuitive, they conflict with most (if not all) of our basic human needs. This fundamental disconnect will leave you destined to fail over and over again despite your best intentions or steely willpower – it’s time to embrace your ‘well-power’ instead. Trust me, the difference is life changing. Let’s take food off it’s pedestal and empower YOU to have a healthy, loving and positive relationship with food and with your amazing self.